We Are Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue

We are a 100% volunteer run charitable organization.  We help TNR feral cats and rescue cats dumped and abandoned on the streets of the Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Brantford and surrounding areas.  

We can’t do what we do without the help of our fosters and our community! 


Cats that are adoptable are brought into our network of foster homes. They are vetted and fixed and placed up for adoption once ready for their furever home.

Trap, Neuter, Return

To help control the outdoor cat population we help to Trap, Neuter & Return the cat back to it's environment. We help with colonies as well as ferals that show up in the region.

Volunteer With Us

We are 100% volunteer run. We require foster homes, fundraisers, coordinators and more to keep this rescue running. If you have a few hours to spare we could use you!

What We Do

There are over 140,000 homeless cats in Waterloo Region.  The average lifespan of a cat living on the streets is 3 to 5 years. They are comprised of Strays and Feral cats.  A stray cat is one that had a home but for whatever reason is now homeless and living on the streets.  A feral cat is one that was born outside and always lived outside.


Stray cats are homeless cats which are usually social and with some time in a foster home and medical care are adoptable.  Feral cats will never learn to live indoors but to help control the pet population need to be spayed or neutered and returned to their home.   They are also given multi-year vacations to help ensure their health for as long as we can.


Our trapping teams are equipped to manage both stray and feral cats.  We work with a local TNR program to ensure they are Trapped Neutered and Released back to their home.  Stray cats are trapped, brought to a foster home to reintroduce them back into indoor living.  They are also spayed or neutered if not already done, vaccinations and microchipped.  These cats, once deemed adoptable will placed up for adoption.


We also plan to bring information and education to anyone who wants to learn more, learn how to help, learn how to manage feral colonies and more.


Become A Monthly Donor

By becoming a monthly donor you can help us to save lives.   For as little as $10 month your donation will help us provide food and supplies to fosters, pay for vet care for sick cats and help pay for TNR efforts in the Waterloo Region.


At the end of the year you will receive a tax receipt in the total of your donations. 

Who We Are

Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue was started by a group of experienced cat rescue volunteers seeing a need for a TNR program in the Cambridge area.  With no official body to step up and fill this roll and several individuals working on their own decided they could make a bigger difference working together.  Thus Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue was conceived.


Below are a few of the over 500 cats we have helped so far.